Prophetic Art






 GOD - Your Name Is Beautiful


 I See Your Love


You See Our Worship


Hold Me and Fill Me


I Love You So Much


I See What You Did for Me


He Reigns



Jesus is Coming....


He is in Control




 Worship in His Presence


Carry My Prayers


 Worship and Prayer


Jesus Culture Awakening 2011 - Chicago, IL


The Lion of Judah - a Prophetic Vision of Kevin Shainer - May, 2011


Christ on the Cross


 His Creation


He Loves Us


Breath of the Lion of Judah   - this art piece is now in the collection of Nikki and Hennie Oosthuizen


 He Rescued Me


The Lion of Judah


Show Me Your Creation 


The Lion of Judah and His Bride


Encounter The Cross


Clothed in Rainbows of Living Color


He's Calling Us


Revelation at the Gate to Eternity




Filled with His Love


Worship the Lion of Judah


Free to Worship


Worship with the Angels 


Surrendered In His Glory


Rain Down on Us


Move of the Holy spirit




Your Mercies Are New Every Morning


Healing Waters - Youth Pastor Nikki Oosthuizen gave a message on 2 Kings 2: 19b, 21 "the water is bad, and the ground is barren"  "Then he went out to the source of the water and cast in the salt there, and said 'Thus says the Lord: I have healed this water; from it there shall be no more death or barrenness.'"  - I felt that Nikki's message to the youth was to go to the source of the 'bad water' and to POUR OUT (from within) the hurt and the things that were causing the area around us be be barren (without life).  She described the barrenness as like a dead tree.  I could see the dead tree, the barrenness, and the POURING OUT. I could see God's power strike through dead limbs and hands coming up from the depths (or belly) of the tree (from which were many roots of past hurts and issues).  ...'and cast in the salt there'... to allow God's truth to be applied - healing will take place.  And there will be no more death or barrenness - there will be life and fruit.  I saw the water rushing and rolling around - becoming "good Water" and then flowing out - peaceful, calm.


The Heart of Intimacy - (A place of personal love)  This is a feeling that came over me during worship, where Jesus showed me that He is absolute unconditional love and He wants to surround us and embrace us.  this becomes a safe place of intimacy and joining of our hearts.


A Remnant: Intimate & Passionate - (painted from a series of photos taken during youth worship)  I was struck by the unity and passion of worship by the youth and the intense warm colors that came through the photos which were shot without a flash. How can true intimacy take place without passion?  It is a place we need to step into.


I'm Waiting For You Jesus - a place of serenity, peace and anticipation.  As the swirling light of the Holy Spirit sweeps over us in a world filled with darkness and destruction, we can be peaceful.  We are waiting for Him.  From the very first moment - we experience a heart-changing love relationship with Him.  We long for the day when we see Him face-to-face, our Beloved Bridegroom.


 Free to Worship

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