Best Friends


 Pondering the Moment


 Christmas Ribbon Candy


 Snow Globe


Shoot for the Moon


Child Blowing Dandelion




Nadalee & Sidney - acrylic


Ladybug  - pastel


Slumberland - acrylic


Shepherd - acrylic


Wake Up - oil


Girl Sleeping - acrylic


Asymmetrical Woman in Balance - oil

Asymmetrical Woman With More to Balance - oil


Jake Sleeping on Couch - acrylic


Where is the World Taking You? - oil


Fragmented - oil


Some Days - My favorite poem - "Some days my thoughts are just cocoons, all cold and dull and blind. They hang from dripping branches in the grey woods of my mind. And other days they drift and shine, such free and flying things. I find the gold dust in my hair left by their brushing wings.


Expecting  -  acrylic


Girl in Red Coat  - acrylic & pastel


The Beginning  - water color


Girl with Lily - acrylic


Ella in Pink Bonnet  - acrylic


White Rose - oil


Madeline with Teddy  - acrylic


Ella with Dandelion  - pastel


Blue Boy - pastel

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